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CheckPoint is a non-profit organisation which acts to connect
mental health resources with video games and technology.

How Can We Help You?

Ever feel down, lonely, anxious or depressed?

You're not alone. In fact, 30-50% people suffer mental health issues at some point in their life.

They are completely treatable, and you need not suffer in silence. Unfortunately, only 1/3 of those affected seek help.

CheckPoint uses technology to bridge that gap. We believe games can help recovery, and even be therapeutic. Our mission is to alleviate the global mental health burden via technology, helping every person get the most out of life.

What We Do

Mental Health for Game Players

Mental Health for Game Makers

Games for Mental Healthcare

  • Game therapy brings games to people who are affected or vulnerable, where they are, when they need it.
  • We research into the psychological relationship between play and mental health.

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