About CheckPoint

CheckPoint Organisation Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation which acts at the intersection of mental health with video games and technology.

Games have promising roles in mental health care, unfortunately there remains a significant stigma against them, and there is little knowledge about both the risks and benefits of games in healthcare settings. Simultaneously, we feel that game and tech cultures would benefit from increased mental health awareness and support.

Our organisation is run by mental health and games industry professionals, and exists to provide consultancy, advocacy, recreational activities and free resources. The amalgamation of these knowledge-bases and professional networks enables CheckPoint’s reach to span across both industries comprehensively, and ensure that the information and education that we provide is accurate, relevant and implementable.

Our work includes, but is not limited to: Educating healthcare professionals, delivering mental health workshops in the games industry, bringing games to vulnerable people in conventions, drop in centres and clinics, development of interventional games, clinical research, integrated professional networks. Ultimately we want to universally improve understanding of the interactions between videogames and mental health.

Everything we do is to foster our dream of a more cohesive and nourishing future for both games and health industries. We are passionate that what we do will change the face of mental healthcare and video game culture forever.

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Our Vision

A climate in healthcare where video games and technology are embraced as a valuable recreational and treatment tool.
A culture in tech and gaming industries that fosters positive mental health and wellbeing without stigma or prejudice.

Our Mission

To aid the healthcare and technology industries by providing education, resources, advice, clinical research, and networking opportunities.

The Team

Dr Jennifer Hazel

Founder, Executive Director

Jennifer is a fully qualified medical doctor who has practised in both the UK and Australia. She spe...

Dr Shelley Xia


Shelley is a qualified doctor currently specialising in psychiatry. She has had a love of video game...

Joshua Boggs


Joshua Boggs is one of the founding members of Loveshack Entertainment, the indie developer behind t...

Our Values

Healthy is fun. CheckPoint is accepting and safe. Strive for a better future. Foster connection. Growth and sustainability.
We care for ourselves and for each other.
We are passionate that play is an integral part of health.
We promote responsible play.
We share our health resources and knowledge freely with others.
All spaces associated with the CheckPoint brand are safe for everyone.
We always act with respect and integrity.
We are benevolent in everything we do and exist to help others.
Our organisational welcomes diversity and is intolerant of prejudice.
We are united to end stigma.
We stay up to date and knowledgeable.
We remain flexible and elastic, moving with technology and scientific changes.
Our work is meaningful and we are making a difference.
We provide a focal networking point for others who move in our circles.
We are approachable and available at all times.
We help the communities we bring together.
No task is too big or small.
We are a team, not a hierarchy.
New ideas are welcomed and integral to growth.
We collaborate and confer on all company decisions.
We handle all finances with professionalism and responsibility.
We uphold a strict legal framework at all times.

Get in Touch

Contact Info

The Arcade, 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne, 3205

1300 512 440


We respond promptly to all queries. If you have any questions about what CheckPoint does, our mission statement and goals, how to help, how to get involved, or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out.