Becoming Mentally Fit with ReachOut Orb

ReachOut Orb is a serious game developed by ReachOut Australia to tackle adolescent mental health and wellbeing. The iPad and desktop game, Orb, has been specifically designed to assist years 9 & 10 high school students in developing key skills to help them cope with life and positively navigate mental health as they grow up. This game helps players to:

  • Improve their mental fitness and wellbeing
  • Understand a positivity mindset
  • Identify and use their strengths
  • Develop and sustain positive relationships
  • Build resilience

Founded on principles of positive psychology, Orb is designed to teach adolescents that positive people are healthier, friendlier and more resilient. Through experiences like creating your own personal avatar with your character strengths, to exploring the world and combating The Glitch, players have the opportunity to interact with unique characters and overcome challenges while learning skills along the way. You can watch the ReachOut Orb trailer here.

The game has been designed with education in mind, and as such, Teachers and Educators can make use of the comprehensive teacher resource in order to plan lessons, and reinforce wellbeing messages with students.

“ReachOut Orb is an innovative and engaging ‘serious’ game designed for use in Year 9 and 10 classrooms – mapped to the Australian HPE and NSW PDHPE Curriculums and General Capabilities – to improve students’ understanding of key factors and skills that contribute to improved mental fitness and wellbeing.”ReachOut Australia

While there are no controlled trials of the effectiveness of ReachOut Orb as yet, there has been a pilot study across four schools in New South Wales, with extremely positive reports from both students and teachers. Here is what one student had to say about what he learned from Orb:

“Your opinion of yourself is really helpful to keep you happy. And if other people are putting you down, then it is always good to have a good opinion of yourself so that you stay hopeful.”

If you are interested in giving it a go, it is available for free here:

Download the iPad app from the iTunes App Store.
Download the desktop version for Mac and Windows.

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