CheckPoint Research

  • CheckPoint Launch Research Study – Exploring the Psychological Benefits of Video Games

    We are proud to announce the start of our study, contributing data to a better understanding of the psychology behind what makes playing games feel great. It will run for 4 months, and we hope to publish our results in a scientific journal. This research has been approved by our loc

  • The Positivity of Pokemon GO

    Recently, CheckPoint launched an informal social survey about the new augmented reality (AR) game, ‪‎Pokemon GO, in order to determine whether it has had an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of it’s players. You can find out more about Pokemon GO over at 

  • Let’s Meet At The CheckPoint

    Introducing CheckPoint Organisation – an Australian Non-Profit Organisation and Charity providing Consultancy, Advocacy, and Resources for Mental Health and Video Game Industries. CheckPoint Organisation was founded in June 2016, to create a bridge between two very different indust