Let’s Meet At The CheckPoint

Introducing CheckPoint Organisation – an Australian Non-Profit Organisation and Charity providing Consultancy, Advocacy, and Resources for Mental Health and Video Game Industries.

CheckPoint Organisation was founded in June 2016, to create a bridge between two very different industries in order to assist healthcare professionals, video game developers, educators, parents and players in navigating the relationship between health and play. We are now launching our full resource-rich website which will grow steadily over the coming months.

CheckPoint Launch

Founders, Dr. Jennifer Hazel and Jane Cocks met due to their mutual passion for uniting modern technology and mental health services. Jennifer, a Medical Doctor and Psychiatry Registrar and Jane, a Researcher & PhD Candidate in Psychology & Games, have been lifelong gamers. Together with Co-Founder and Game Designer Joshua Boggs; Jennifer and Jane are committed to working towards a climate in healthcare where video games and technology are embraced as a valuable recreational and treatment tool; and a culture in tech and gaming industries that fosters positive mental health and wellbeing without stigma or prejudice. You can find out more about CheckPoint’s objectives in the infographic on the left.

More Australians are now playing games than ever before. The recent Digital Australia report states that 68% of Australians now play video games, and 98% of households with children have a device to play video games. These findings indicate that video games, considered an emerging medium only 10 years ago, are now a mainstream activity for a majority of Australians.

The potential of video games to not just entertain, but to engage, and positively effect change is promising. Given the importance of the industry, it is important to understand the interplay between games and health, and furthermore, provide an evidence-based approach to communicating these issues across both industries as well as for consumers.

If you would like to keep in touch with CheckPoint’s news, please join the CheckPoint Network for health professionals, game developers, educators, and parents and players. We look forward to meeting you at the CheckPoint!


CheckPoint Copyright 2017, ACN 612816841 ABN 50 612 816 841. We are an Australian Health Promotion Charity with TCC and DGR Status.

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