• Access to GamerMates+
  • ALL site content unlocked
  • Attend meetups and fundraisers at conventions
  • Access to all members-only forums
  • Early access to giveaways, publications and downloads
  • Discounts on Merchandise


  • Complimentary "I Support Mental Health" Silicon Wristband on Signup
  • Free game codes to your inbox
  • Access to members-only Slack channel - you shape the future of CheckPoint
  • Star badge and automatic mod status on forums
  • Acknowledgement on CheckPoint homepage
  • ALL free + chip tier perks


  • Exclusive CheckPoint Team T-Shirt
  • Complimentary Black Dog Pin
  • Wellbeing loot crate delivered regularly
  • Your image on CheckPoint publications and iPads
  • Beta test new projects, activities and games
  • ALL other perks!

No thanks, I’ll stick with a free account.

What Can I Access With a Free Account?


All of our mental health resources.

That’s right – everything we have to offer for individual self-care is free. You just need to register, which you can do in one click, via email, Twitter or Facebook. And remember, if you change your mind you can delete your account at any time.

This includes:

Self-Care Guides

A regularly updated collection of publications all about self-care and mental resilience. We’ve even added a video game flavour to them so they’re even more accessible to our audience. They come in PDF format or can be done as an online course.

Whenever you download or complete a self-care module, you’ll even unlock an achievement!


GamerMates is a pro-mental health gaming community. We’ve made it super easy to find like-minded people (your gamermates!) who you can play your favourite video games with. You can find local folk, or someone on the other side of the world. You can play anything from Overwatch to Animal Crossing.

What you decide to do is your choice – with an understanding that everyone here is supportive of each other.


Participate in our active forums, where you can make friends, chat about games, and learn all about mental health via an anonymous Q&A system answered by real doctors and psychologists.


When you sign in you unlock points based achievements for engaging with CheckPoint. Level up your mental health journey today.

What If I Change My Mind?

You can downgrade your membership at any time. We won’t have any hard feelings 🙂 Similarly if you want to upgrade, you can do that at any time too! AND each tier comes with the option to donate to CheckPoint – which is tax deductible in Australia.

What Is GamerMates+?

It’s a more exclusive version of GamerMates just for our Chips, Flagbearers and Heroes. GamerMates is a pro-mental health gaming community where you can get together to play, chat, and make friends.

Free Games?!

Yes!!! Thanks to our very generous donors we can offer our members free Steam keys for heaps of games. We’ll send our Flagbearers and Heroes a new game every couple of months (or until our supply runs out).

Why Isn’t Everything Free?

Running a nonprofit isn’t free! We want to provide you with the absolute best resources we can, to improve wellbeing, do research, develop games, and more. This means we pay staff, we travel, we buy devices and games for our community to use – the list goes on.

But The Mental Health Stuff Is Free, Right?

Yes, absolutely. And it always will be. Our model means that all our personal mental health resources are unlocked with the basic free account, and the cool extra added stuff for supporters is for higher tiers. It helps us remain sustainable.

Why Aren’t You Using Patreon?

Simple – Patreon takes a 30% cut. This way, we keep all of the proceeds and it all goes back to the audience. We have a secure payment gateway and multiple options. If you still don’t feel comfortable but want to donate, please do get in touch and we can organise something else.

Just Some of the Perks…



GamerMates is a pro-mental health gaming community, and now you can join our exclusive members only groups – GamerMates+. Use our forums to organise play sessions and enjoy our supportive community 


Site Content Unlocked

No barriers for you! Enjoy everything CheckPoint has to offer.


Meet Ups

Head over to our meetups page and find out what’s happening near you.


Member Only Forums

Enjoy exclusive members only forums.


Early Access

We do promotional giveaways and competitions every so often, usually to highlight the release of a new feature or fundraising effort. With your membership you’ll be signed up to our mailing list, and you’ll hear about all our promotions before anyone else.


Discounts on Merchandise

With all paid memberships, the prices of items in our store automatically gets a discount added!

At this point, this does not apply to t-shirts on



All the above, plus…



We’ll ship you our CheckPoint “I Support Mental Health” silicon wristband. Here’s what it looks like! These are sent out in bulk on the last day of the month.


Game Codes

On the last day of every month, we’ll send out a free code for a game on Steam. These are available due to the generosity of some of our sponsors, and are distributed at random.



We’ll invite you to our members-only Slack channel. When there are new features and activities being developed, you’ll have your say on the shape and future of CheckPoint.


Star Badge and Mod Status on Forums

This happens automatically!


Acknowledgement on CheckPoint homepage

We’ll add your name to our acknowledgement wall on the CheckPoint homepage (coming soon).


All the above, plus…



Get your own CheckPoint team t-shirt! Check it out here. These are sent out in bulk on the last day of the month.


Black Dog Pin

Get your very own lux gold black dog pin! Check it out here. These are sent out in bulk on the last day of the month.


Wellbeing Loot Crate

Imagine a loot crate, full of things to help improve your mood and boost your resilience. You will unlock it! These are digital toolboxes full of skills to learn, and are sent out by email quarterly.


Your Image on Publications and iPads

This is shown on our printed and digital publications, and on our iPads wallpaper. These are used at convention chillout spaces and for our community services.


Beta Tester

Whenever CheckPoint releases a new activity, site feature, or game, you’ll be the first to know. Help us out by shaping our projects and testing everything before others.

CheckPoint Copyright 2017, ACN 612816841 ABN 50 612 816 841. We are an Australian Health Promotion Charity with TCC and DGR Status.

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