Would you like to write for CheckPoint?

CheckPoint is seeking article submissions, and we would like to invite you to contribute. Here are some topics, but feel free to pitch us any other ideas:

  • Reviews of games and apps with a focus on mental health and psychology
  • Research communication
  • Game character psychology
  • Special feature essays

At CheckPoint, we are a collective of mental health professionals, scholars, and games industry professionals. We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date news around health, games and technology.

We hope that you find value in pitching to, and publishing with us.

General Article Guidelines

All submissions are reviewed by CheckPoint staff. Revisions may be requested prior to publication on the site. Here are the general criteria for all submissions:

  • Accessible language for a general population, with scholarly tone.
  • If applicable, inclusion of appropriate scholarly citations embedded as hyperlinks, with reference list included at the end.
  • Images with appropriate credit, to be provided as attachments to email submission, in JPG, or PNG formats.
  • If images are not provided, or do not have appropriate credit, CheckPoint will select appropriate imagery.

Article Pitch Submissions

  • for example, psychology degree, freelance journalism, research, student of media etc